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About Me

Name: Ben
Age: 23
Location: UK
Sign: Aries
Pronouns: he/him
Current hair colour: Brown and Blonde


Politics grad, obsessed with 2000s nostalgia and amateur at best when it comes to coding (lol)

Interests & likes:

Writing, left wing politics, sim games, art history, 90s/00s nostalgia, honey chai, cooking, fried rice, aquariums, architecture, twin peaks, reading wikis at 3am, chunky trainers, oat milk lattes, amateur photography, citrus fruits, admin tasks (i'm boring ik but i love paperwork), space/astronomy, music reviews, introspection, ginger.


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My Myers-Briggs type is somewhere between INFP and INFJ.

Social Media:

Neocities: [@cepheus]

Site Info

I started this site on 08/01/20 and it's hosted by neocities for free! I really missed the days of building your own website as opposed to social media (which I've had a bit of an unhealty relationship with) and coding something myself is a nice creative release.

Over the years I've owned lots of blogs/websites, as well as animal crossing fansites when I was a kid & even a doctor who themed site! I started out using Piczo, then progressed to freewebs and owned various hosted domains/subdomains using wordpress and fanupdate etc. I do tend to prefer not using a CMS, though! (it's more fun)

Any graphics I've made were created using GNU Image Manipulation Program, or Photoshop CS4 & Paint Shop Pro 9 for some older stuff. You can also view most of the site via mobile!

My website is named after Cepheus (pictured right), the constellation in the Northern Sky - it's named after a king of Ancient Ethiopia in Greek Mythology. You can read more about it here.

I'm always open to link swaps!! Just give me a shout in the guestbook or feel free to message me on social media/neocities.


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