08 May 2021:

Today I tidied my house & am currently in the process of doing some washing. I'm trying to visit neocities a bit more so I can keep track with other people's sites - the beauty of the system is definitely the social side! I've mostly tidied up what I wanted to so the site is a bit more up-to-date. Any new content is going to be stuff for my portfolio site which is still a bit hush hush and a wip atm.

I've been settling into my new job this week - it's a much better environment than where I was previously and I'm on a higher pay band which is cool. I should be moving house soon which is also very exciting. I can't wait to have a bathtub again! It really is the small things lol

We also had some elections here in the UK, which i should probably care more about given i'm a politics grad, but w/e. There's a general selfishness about a lot of people that causes them to vote against their own interests to spite others. Classic hegemony and all x

- thanks for reading - have a crystal x

01 May 2021:

I've decided to clear out a few pages of this site as there is/was a lot of junk that doesn't really need to be here! Thank you to everyone that has still been visiting during my huge AWOL period. Last November I started a new job, and I've recently started a new role/promotion! Call me Ben from HR x