~web diary~



hello! not sure if anyone reads these but regardless, i've been having lots of problems with my domain, so i'm probably just going to cancel it & cancel my supporter sub at some point. which is sad! but i haven't really got the time or patience to be sorting it out and it just makes me wanna avoid neocities/blogging so ah well. anyways, i've got a brand new home page & enter page, and i re-coded my links section a bit to make it easier to view/more functional.

life wise, i've just been going to work a LOT (i work in retail) bc i'm a bit worried about having enough money for rent. hopefully once i get some regular hours sorted i can relax a bit. i'm moving houses soon, too! i'm so excited!! once that's all done i'll have a bit more time to devote to writing, playing video games, a bit of coding & getting more involved with workers' unions. the latter is something that's very important to me & something i'd like to put a lot of my time into helping. oh, and i finished my degree finally! over and out


bleeegh my site feels so boring! but i think i'm just being a perfectionist so whatever. i've nearly finished uni which is great, i can't wait to be free of education forever (or at least the time being). it rly does make a boi feel like sh*t and brings out all of my worst mental/emotional traits lmao. but anyway yeah life is weird and i just messed up a stir fry by overwatering my jasmine rice so it tastes like gross porridge now. damn.

also if u have time (if anyone actually reads these) pls give my actual blog a visit (i bought a new domain but like rly can't justify spending any more money hence the .neocities subdomain still) -


my nintendo switch arrived! i've finally started new horizons. see you all NEVER. i've also been sorting out my web pixels page & will uploading more of my favourite pixels i've collected over the years - it's taking forever though lol.

currently avoiding too much twitter and other social media because there's so much politics discourse and i cba. also my degree is in politics so i have to read enough about it already fml


today i woke up late (again) and have slowly been trying to get some uni work done. i'm reading about disco/dance music and how it can be analysed politically, as well as some other stuff more generally about queer theory & the use of music videos.

my mental health has been a bit patchy recently (lockdown blues) but i'm trying to just get on with everything - i've nearly finished my degree and i'm just super excited to be free. free in the sense that i won't have any deadlines. i'll still need to go to work and stuff but that i can deal with.

i haven't quite gotten around to uploading all of the images here to my own server so bare with me if some things aren't loading atm. i'll do it soon i promise lmao