i. 18/03/2020 | 23:00
ii. Self Love - MAVI

I've completed the rebuild of all content/portfolio sections & added a new poem. Social distancing is weird so far and I work at a supermarket so I'm still at risk compared to others but I'm muddling through and so far haven't gotten ill!

i. 16/03/2020 | 16:50
ii. Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar

Slowly rebuilding all content/portfolio pages to look a bit more early 2000s but with a modern flair x

i. 03/03/2020 | 14:00
ii. Bubble Gum - UNiiQU3

Added a new coded layouts page to the freebies area, check it out! x

i. 25/02/2020 | 18:25
ii. Not Seeing Is A Flower - Lone

site redesign complete! all pages are now fully compatible with mobile (barring a few written pieces although they're still fairly viewable on decent phones). be sure to check everything out! - ben x

i. 12/02/2020 | 16:40
ii. Cactus Tree - Joni Mitchell

site redesign in progress. removed splash page temporarily & all content will show old layout for now (excl journal).

i. 11/02/2020 | 20:50
ii. Carey - Joni Mitchell

redesigned journal & a change in background for the main site! currently planning to give the writing section a similar layout to that of the journal (which somewhat works on mobile - i've been experimenting). also planning to actually learn flexbox and tables, which i have somehow never used in the 10+ years of playing with html.

i. 01/02/2020 | 18:20
ii. Teenage Birdsong - Four Tet

i've added lots more 100x100px icons to the archive - they come from various old sites, archives and probably LJ too (i had lots on an old hard drive). check those out for some nostalgic times & also i've added to my prose project x

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