hi there! in between writing some essays on health policy & right-wing populism here in britain, i've been chipping away at this site, adding new bits & planning what i'd like to do in the future.

i'm also trying my hand at some pixel art, following some tutorials on shading and textures, as well as using other art i've found to have a go at making something similar! so far it's going pretty slowly & i'm still getting used to angles. hopefully this will be something i get better at and it's a nice creative escape from academic life!

there's not much else to report atm, i've just been having a couple of days' break from uni work before catching up on my dissertation! it's moving slower than i'd have liked but i have some time to catch up before the new semester starts, and they're saving hours at my job atm so i don't need to be in much. a nice escape from customers! anyways, i'm off to grab some tea & do some criminology reading - smell you later x


i doubt many people (if any) have actually visited this page yet but i'm slowly working on setting up my pages, and i added a poem to the writing section! i think i may start using this site for uploading my writing (it's not great but w/e) so there's that! when i have some time and i'm not doing uni work i'll probably try and upload some of the cool retro stuff i've found, and i may even upload some stuff of my own if i ever bother to download GIMP. also, i'm struggling to make my iframe behave - i want it to fit to the size of the page being displayed, but so far i've only managed to make it keep the size of the longest page (switched to rubbish scrollbars for now). i should also make a button for this site - i'll get around to that at some point x