web updates

DATE: 11/02/2020 | TIME: 20:50 GMT
Listening to: Carey - Joni Mitchell

redesigned journal & a change in background for the main site! currently planning to give the writing section a similar layout to that of the journal (which somewhat works on mobile - i've been experimenting). also planning to actually learn flexbox and tables, which i have somehow never used in the 10+ years of playing with html.

DATE: 01/02/2020 | TIME: 18:20 GMT
Listening to: Teenage Birdsong - Four Tet

i've added lots more 100x100px icons to the archive - they come from various old sites, archives and probably LJ too (i had lots on an old hard drive). check those out for some nostalgic times & also i've added to my prose project x

DATE: 28/01/2020 | TIME: 20:50 GMT
Listening to: So Afraid - Janelle Monae

Added some new projects! The "shrine zone" & also a new extended written piece called "Diary of a star-bound interrailer" which I'm planning to keep adding to (I'll put the existing parts up soon). These areas of the site have individual layouts so be sure to check them out! My cBox now extends from the bottom of the screen, which is fun. I also added a new 88x31 button & I'm still working on my pixel bedroom. Thanks to all of my new followers & as per I'm always up for a link exchange! x

DATE: 20/01/2020 | TIME: 19:30 GMT
Listening to: Together - Murlo/Conducta

New: - Re-designed splash page with a new background and slight layout changes! Journal page now has a new layout that works well on mobile and fits the overall site aesthetic a lot more. Some slight changes to the home page too, including a slight alteration to the background.

Content: - new poem available, with a separately designed page featuring some of the basic pixel art I made. New content includes archives of my old web graphics, as well as a place to store my pixel art. I also added some web backgrounds I found!

Links: - Not much to report here, I've gained some new followers though & would love to do some link exchanges x

Life: - mostly just researching for my dissertation and taking it slow. currently watching the new season of sex education & i've just downloaded a cool city sim game for the xbox. i've also been playing around with GIMP, installing some plugins & downloading resources.

DATE: 15/01/2020 | TIME: 14:20 GMT
Listening to: Ego - Uffie

New: - Splash/enter screen added in true old web style (minus the CSS3 tricks obvs)! Also a slightly better 88x31 button (I finally downloaded GIMP!) Also, i moved my blog posts to the journal page.

Content: - A few new things added: some cool pixels i've collected from old sites & around the web & a page containing some of my old creations from years ago! (none of them are particularly good but it's fun to look at how my styles evolved over time, & some of the icons i made for livejournal aren't too bad considering)

Links: - I've put up some buttons from sites I enjoy, & added some cool links to some fun/useful pages to browse when you're bored! Thanks to everyone who's visited my site, commented and/or followed my neocities profile! I'd love to check out more sites & exchange links if anyone's interested x

Life: - i recently made some aubergine katsu curry with tempura-like batter, as well as a peng tandoori dahl! & i've redownloaded deltarune chapter 1 as i never got round to finishing it before replacing my laptop. also i'm really obsessed with the nintendo/charli xcx song atm lol

DATE: 10/01/2020 | TIME: 15:40 GMT
Listening to: Claustro - Burial

New: - I've now added some playlists & pixels, as well as some cool links & a profile section! I've also added an 88x31 button (it's not very good, i'll make a proper one soon with GIMP. Also, you can now view my site via mobile!

Completed: - All main pages are up & running!

Links: - I'd love to swap buttons/links with anyone interested! Just hmu in the cbox. Also I joined a webring, how 90s!

DATE: 09/01/2020 | TIME: 13:18 GMT
Listening to: All About U - Salute

under construction! base code courtesy of neocities//almostsweet x

just busy working on this in the time i should be spending on my essays lol.

coming sOoN. (also sorry if i've hotlinked you i'm just playing around still)