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Web Listings

r/InternetIsBeautiful - A subreddit of cool single-page sites!

Stripe Generator - generates stripes init

Noclip - This site generates levels from different games for you to explore them in your browser! my favourite is the wii sports resort island lol what a meme

Soft Heart Clinic - a lovely lil site that contains information on self-care, mental health themed pixel art and links to lots of cool project videos on different topics.

Evolution of the scrollbar - Play with the scrollbars time forgot

Deep Sea - Visual online representation of the different life found at different sea levels! Very relaxing and easy to get lost in.

Make everything okay - A magic button for making everything okay

Start Here - A very retro web portal.

100,000 stars - Start at the sun and zoom out to see thousands of stars and planets, as well as distances and names!

Neon Flames - Make pretty flame designs on this interactive site!!

This is sand - Play with virtual sand

Never ending chart rendering - A useful tool for visually displaying your favourite albums in a saveable chart!

Whomst Zone - This one's better if you just see it for yourself

How far away is andromeda? - Answers the question on the tin. Hint: it's far away but moving preeetty quick

cmburns - random simpsons episode generator! (good seasons only)

Cachemonet - cool trippy visuals that look awesome on screen and even better through a projector. recommended for chill parties!

Gifcities - search engine for archives of yahoo geocities, lots of vapourwave-ish gifs and 90s pixels to be found! i get some of the pixels in my content section from here

Bored Button - randomly generates cool sites for when you're bored

Neocities - a great place to make free html sites with tutorials abound, founded in the ashes of 90s favourite yahoo geocities! also my lovely host

NSTMF Gravity - a sick game that models the effect of gravity on space objects! WARNING!! - it's easy to lose hours to this relaxing site.

Glitter Graphics - lots of awful 90s goodies from the old (fun) internet!!

Edz' site - cool vapourwave artwork to check out

Almost Sweet - some nice html/css themes to check out! their coding is very simple and easy to adapt (which is what i did with this site bc i'm lazy and forgetful).

Marxists Internet Archive - super useful archive of historical and public domain leftist texts, great for studies and research on political topics and perspectives! this has come in really handy over the course of my degree

Free Software

G.I.M.P - a neat free photoshop alternative that is heavily featured and made by the open source community! i use this to make stuff for this site as photoshop is expensive and a bit of a hassle for what i'm actually doing.

LMMS - free DAW (digital audio workstation) for making beats if you don't have any of the major softwares! not as fully featured as the likes of logic & ableton but pretty close, and good if you're used to the FL interface. works with lots of plugins too