I promise you
This wasn't planned
Not some grand gesture
I thought would win you back
Can't it just be
That we're sitting here
Beside the water,
Albeit wind unrelenting,
And the weather app
That says it's six degrees
But it feels like minus two

Can't it just be
That it's still a nice day
And that I didn't plan this
Didn't blunder the hours
Into lost time's abyss
Like you keep telling me I did
I must've tricked you
Made you trek all the way here
Well, you won't be having that
You huff, with legs a-crossed
In your brand new Nikes
Any excuse to dress up
You're not quite whole if you don't -
Your words, not mine
Although they might as well be
I've repeated them back enough times
Through the bathroom door
Which I'm sure by now yearns for the sugary release
Of opiates
To soothe its own worn out joints

Can't it just be
That I really do appreciate
The fragments abundant
Of your wildest nightmares
The salt in your everyday wounds
What keeps you awake past three
AM, that is

But can't it also be
That you remember
It takes not one, not three
But two to tango, my dear
And, my dear, for what it's very well worth
That we make us a deal
Your happiness for mine
A dollar for a dollar,
An eye for an eye?
Perhaps then you might believe me
When I make this songbird's promise
A promise never to deceive you
A promise never to take you for a fool.

And can't it just be
my darling furthermore,
You put finally to rest your waging of war
Sit with me
By this Aire, this mirrorball,
Won't you offer me this branch
Dried out leaves and bark and all
And ask yourself the question

I'll be beside the water, awaiting your return.