social distancing
Flick the kettle on
Halfway full, and half again
On synthetic song
I would pass the time
You'll not be around, yet I can be, only ever
Our daylight shared, but from afar,
of course.

Much to complete
As ever, as I am aware
Change the lights
Reverse the colours, flicking
I can still hear it, I can't tell if you can
Not the wind, but the silence,
I thought.

Hide in your houses
Gone, and gone, inside
Where did I go?
I must still decide
To the sea, or the ocean
But which way down?
Can you see me, in there?

Shout on the glass
Would you hear me
If I shouted, and shouted again?
The pulse, it's loud
Turn it down, or up
Turn it silver, and turn some more

This life is brutal
And I have vanished.