Entry: Floating Market
Date: March 5th

The second sun is setting now - everything has become more difficult to see clearly. I love watching the world around me become one muddled silhouette. I'm focusing only on the sky and the trickles and the laps of the lagoon. I turn my head slightly to watch one of the lagoon fishermen. It's best to start now, because the fish on this planet are at their most inquisitive just before dusk settles.

I'm rowing backwards now and can hear a gentle sizzling - the market boats aren't too much further, which is a good thing because I'm famished and my stomach's really starting to kick up a fuss. The smell of off-world chilli peppers is getting quite strong. There's something rather smoky in the air, too. Charcoal oil - that's what people use here a lot, I think. It contrasts quite nicely with the overall sweetness of the place. The sign I saw earlier was pink, so I'd wager that this is a sugar-lake.

The oars make a slight 'knock' as they hit the side of my wooden canoe - I'm turning around to face a neon film across the horizon. That's the market opening up, with fresh roots and leafy spices flurrying amongst vine noodles and the puzzling aroma of citrus coffee.

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