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My name is Ben & I'm a politics student from the United Kingdom. I'm currently in my final year of studies and created this site as a way to procrastinate (not something I really needed lol) & because I miss how fun and creative the old internet was. (Plus coding stuff yourself is way more fun than setting up a wordpress site - or maybe I'm just a huge nerd. probably both tbh)

I'm a huge leftist and have previously campaigned in elections. I've also worked in third sector mental health for adults and am quite interested in getting involved in redistributive policy/community project work or something to do with the news/TV media after I graduate.

I listen to lots of different types of music, notably 80s/90s pop, electronic/dance music (house, techno, ambient, trance, DnB etc), indie/noise/alt rock, lo-fi hip-hop (insert joke about being white eboy stereotype) & glittery electropop. You can check out some of my spotify playlists in the "content" section.

You can follow me on social media if you like:
Twitter: [@twynpeaks]
IG: [@twynpeaks]
Neocities Profile: [@cepheus]
Tumblr: [@sesxmesyrup] - *not very active

Site Info

This site was started on Wednesday 8th Jan, 2020 and is hosted by neocities for free! Any graphics I've made were created using GNU Image Manipulation Program, or Photoshop CS4 & Paint Shop Pro 9 for some older stuff. HTML and CSS3 were used to build the site, as well as iFrames (no CMS or PHP) - I find building sites this way to be more fun than using a full-blown system. My coding isn't majorly advanced since I learned on piczo & freewebs and briefly toyed with wordpress/php for a few years before stopping altogether. You can also view the site via mobile.

My website is named after Cepheus (pictured right), the constellation in the Northern Sky - it's named after a king of Ancient Ethiopia in Greek Mythology. You can read more about it here.

Link backs & swaps are welcome - just give me a shout in the guestbook or feel free to message me on social media/neocities.

Misc stuff

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