Hey there, welcome to Wild World! This page is a shrine to the Animal Crossing DS game of the same name, as well as to the piczo and freewebs fansites and resource sites I created for players of the game! My first true foray into making websites was when I started creating these sites (they were mostly filled with glitter graphics and other bits I'd put together in MS Paint or taken from the official Nintendo pages or some of the wiki pages). I eventually learnt to use Paint Shop Pro and started to get to grips with HTML and CSS. After a few years, I focused on making graphics and resources sites like offbeatsoul and fallingdewdrops (my personal favourite, which was deleted on me after my host became inactive). This never stopped me playing Wild World, though, and I became re-obsessed with the game years after, even when later games were released. This page is based on the style of layouts you used to see on some of the Piczo/Webs sites people used to make (albeit with slightly better CSS than most of us were capable of back in the late 2000s).

Welcome to my town

You've reached the town of Cepheus. Do you like what you see? Be sure to visit the local museum, I'm sure Blathers will be thrilled to show some new visitors our beautiful fossil and fish collections! Need a new look? Right now at Nookington's there's a brand new hair salon, Shampoodle! Harriet charges a decent 3,000 bells for a complete cut and colour! Make sure to visit my newly upgraded house - it has so many rooms and lots of Modern furniture - the Happy Room Academy scored it very highly!