stars they go like the last light of the sun.


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cepheus is my space on the world wide web. it's a space for some of my writing, thoughts, nostalgia, shrines & favourite links. select a destination below to travel to a distant new planet






& salutations

grata domum, welcome home. this design, stars, is named after one of my favourite songs, written by janis ian and covered by the celestial nina simone. pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy your stay
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prince bubblegum pixelp-nouns: he/him
age: 20s
location: uk
phone: iphone
sign: aries
fav colour: yellow
likes: borg fleeces, organised space, x files
hates: fascism


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Then I wrote often to the sea


  • 23/10/22: - Cancelled the paid "supporter" package with my host for the time being. should start to redirect here.
  • 06/06/22: - Adjusted some fonts for better readability, added some articles to the vault, a new blog entry and some more resource links.
  • 04/06/22: - Added widget.
  • 29/05/22: - New portfolio section, 'the vault'.
  • 28/05/22: - Changed guestbook script to improve stability.
  • 26/05/22: - New blog post.
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  • 08/04/22: - Refreshed & tweaked guestbook. Updated blog signature.
  • 05/04/22: - New profile section live (still a WIP). Working on updating site credits.
  • 29/03/22: - 70+ backgrounds added to archive.
  • 25/03/22: - Accepting site affies/blogroll connections x
  • 21/03/22: - Removed old homepage so everything links back to my blog (trying to simplify the site a bit).
  • 16/03/22: - Added blogroll/affiliate link section. Let me know if you want to swap links x
  • 13/03/22: - Moved blog posts from blogspot to neocities.
  • 05/03/22: - Changed splash page - portfolio now accessed via right-hand links.
  • 13/02/22: - New blog post.
  • 11/02/22: - Moved some pages from the folio section to Stars.
  • 08/02/22: - New content: 'web skins' & 'web materials'.
  • 05/02/22: - Uploaded some creative works & more education links. New blog post added!
  • 01/01/22: - Added gifts section to 'www.', added button link rotation. Initial site layout complete.
  • 11/12/21: - Completed skeleton of site pages, added feature image to 'inspiration'.
  • 05/12/21: - Updated site domain.
  • 04/12/21: - Added 'readings' section - if you want me to add your zine, let me know.
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  • 28/11/21: - Added embellishments to CSS, changed splash page to show both sites.


22/05/22 18:30 productive
sun 19*c orla gartland
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