my island
you wake from a deep slumber. without opening your eyes, you notice the sand beneath your body. seawater washes over your socks. breathing in, you smell apples, neroli and ocean salt. the sounds of gentle waves and distant gulls prompt you to open your eyes. you stare up at the vast pink sky, the light of yellow clouds like custard. looking around, you take in your new environment...

other written pieces

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  • An archive of long-form posts & articles

e-shrines (under construction)

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  • A late-2000s style shrine to the RTD era of Doctor Who (& Torchwood)
  • Concrete Rebellion
  • A tribute to brutalist architecture and my love for the style. (under construction)
  • fallingdewdrops;
  • A shrine to all of the piczo, webs & subdomain graphics sites I and many others used to make. Expect cringeworthy 'blog' posts and bad (awesome) CSS