Not dead I promise

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has still been visiting my site! I am in fact still alive and do plan to come back and add more stuff/keep working on this site. Lots of stuff has been happening in my life offline for the past few months, hence why I've been (and will continue to be for a bit) AWOL. I will get around to returning messages at some point I promise!! I have also been reading them when I get the chance x

Expect a post in the next few weeks/months (hopefully) explaining a bit further lol

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Flying visit

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I've been visiting my parents over the weekend. It's been a few months since I've seen them - my previous plans to make the trip were scuppered by my landlord's handyman breaking my window (when supposedly 'fixing' it). It's fixed up now (not very well, mind) so my house is secure enough to be left empty.

It's been nice to see my family, as well as some of my closest friends. At the moment I don't live by many of my friends as a lot of them moved cities, which can be a bit depressing but I'm planning to move eventually. I don't particularly want to leave my job at the moment though because I do quite enjoy it.

I want to cut down my alcohol intake a lot as I've drank quite a bit recently. My eating habits have been a mess too, but I'm such a sucker for takeaway fried rice. We all have our vices!

Due to some recent wet weather, I've been doing a lot of Netflix and tv binging again. I'm enjoying the new Obi Wan Kenobi series, and loved the latest episodes of Stranger Things (especially because of how heavily featured my favourite Kate Bush song is). I'm also watching the Spanish drama Elite. The only problem is that I can't tell if the show is actually good or if all of the actors are just hot lmao.

I've been working hard to make this site a bit less cluttered, as well as uploading lots of written content that I've been meaning to post. I set up a Zonelets blog for my longer articles, so I'll hopefully start writing some newer ones soon. I've also added some new poems, and will keep adding more shortly. I'm hoping this will all make the site a bit more user-friendly, interesting and less barren of visitors. Gotta have things looking sweet for the newest generations of Neocities users!

  • What's your favourite type of takeaway food?
  • If you exercise, what way is your favourite?
  • Do you speak any languages other than your first?

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Now that we're at the midway point...

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Woops, I haven't blogged in over a month. Sorry bout that. I have been working on the site a bit though - you may have noticed a refreshed landing page, refurbished profile are and some general overhauling of my page structure. I got rid of the old home page and have built the different sections around this blog. I also updated some of the graphics sections and removed some stuff that is available en masse on other sites.

My mental state has been a bit all over the place recently, but a few "treat yo self" purchases, a eurovision near-victory and a free doorstep-grocery box later, I have stabilised. My friend and I are going to a cool rave event later in the year, where lots of our favourite house/techno DJs will be doing sets. Exciting times.

I've managed to get through a lot of TV recently. I finished the final season of Killing Eve (I didn't mind the ending but it was a bit rushed) and I just have the finale special of Derry Girls to watch. I got through a re-watch of Sex Education, as well as the new season of Russian Doll. I'm fully obsessed with Natasha Lyonne and could listen to her talk about anything for hours. I was especially happy to see Jinkx Monsoon impersonate her (although their Judy Garland was a knockout - is that my camera?).

Let's not talk too much about the fact I may or may not have watched Alice Oseman's Heartstopper five times. I can neither confirm nor deny whether this is the case. I also cannot be certain whether I spent hours a day for two weeks on a reddit threat for depressed people in their 20s and 30s reeling from the show. Speak to my lawyer about it! I'm definitely too old to be physically sick from how sad I felt after watching. So that absolutely didn't happen. And I definitely haven't had 17-year old me's trauma dragged up ad infinitum. Nope!

I've decided I'd like to try and get some work as a television production runner now that I'm more established in my day job as a PA. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, I'd at least like to try. I have always seen production work/management as a career I'd love but I know it's so difficult to get into. I've applied for a trainee scheme at a local production company but I'm not confident I'll get on. Hopefully if I can get a few shifts as a runner I'll be able to build some more experience in the mean time.

I'm a bit obsessed with SIM GM Productions again (17 year old me is really at the wheel huh). The Kardashians Chamber of Secrets video is my current favourite - and not written by a TERF (if you know, you know). Things with irreverent, smart-but-stupid humour are my favourite, and I can't help but laugh every time I hear them say "D'Nicki Minaj". The whole thing is a nice comforting watch, and it's nice to be reminded of channels like this one when they become big on tiktok.

Which brings me onto my recent realisation. I've always subscribed to idea of "zillenials" as a generation (i.e. not quite millenial, not quite gen-z). But a combination of feeling really old (I'm not), as well as being unexpectedly obsessed with heartstopper and tiktok generally, I have decided to accept my zoomer-ness once and for all. Yeah, I had dial-up and analog TV as a kid, but I think being "the older generation of tiktok" cancels that out. Plus I am a bit of a die-hard Billie Eilish fan lol. I also realised I might be more 'extrovert' on the MBTI scale than I ever thought - I recently got the ENFJ result and it confirmed my recent suspicion that I'm not a true introvert, just a very shy people person. Pop psychology forever!

Check out this wallpaper/collage I made:
click to view

  • What "generation" do you fit into?
  • What's your MBTI type?
  • If you have a job, what do you do? If not, what's your dream career?

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