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I just found out my rent is going to increase if I want to stay in my current house. It's a pretty poor house for the money, only has one sofa, is freezing, only has 1 set of plugs in each room and has no garden or back windows/doors. I will probably end up signing a shorter extension than planned (I don't really have the time, money or energy to move right now) and then prepare to move later in the year.

The government where I live could easily implement rent controls, especially given the current cost of living crisis. Instead they do nothing. The two reasons for this are that they're ideologically against impeding the "freedoms" of the market, and because most governing politicians appear to themselves be property owners and landlords. People are instead being forced to choose between heating their homes and eating. And soon enough the choice will include whether or not they even have a home.

It's hard not to feel very helpless. I often feel like I am working overtime to hold my life together. Every day there seems to be something new to deal with.

I've been trying to channel my emotional energy into distractions, like work and this site. Work has been pretty nice so far this week, and I have been really productive. The same goes for my site - I have been working to rebuild the profile section and it's going really well! I'm starting to understand flexbox more and I've been putting a lot of effort into creating nice colour schemes and stuff. I have a few more tweaks left to do, and I'd like to make some improvements to the mobile appearance, but we're on the right track. I also need to do a better job of the site's splash page.

I might start adding some site badges for people to use, once I can get around to making them. Keep an eye out for new content in the mean time. Signing off x

  • Have you been affected by increasing prices latetly? If so, how?

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