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Cool sky bro

Posted at 18:10.

Hi there. Thanks for visiting stars. I decided to set up a new blog that's slightly separate from my cepheus site bc I've hit a bit of a rut with it. I'm quite happy with how it looks etc so I mostly just add bits of writing or poetry or fix things that break. Which reminds me, the guestbook code needs a bit of a refresh.

I started a new job and I think I really like it? it's very busy but the days go really quickly, the pay is better and the team are really nice. There's also a nice variety of work and I have a lot more control over things here. also I'm getting involved with a new lgbt+ housing project to help with some comms stuff so that should be kewl. it also snowed earlier today for the first time this winter!

i feel like i've hardly been on neocities in ages. tbh I do like to keep up with other people's sites but I don't always have the time or motivation to do much with mine. I kinda like that you can just dip in and out without a huge commitment. Also people have been leaving really nice comments about my site so that's been great!

there's shrines i need to finish and content i need to remove from the main site but tbh i'd rather just focus on the blogging side/adding stuff i've written/made or some inspiration moodboards. it was quite fun making this layout (the header took me HOURS) so i might focus on this style rather than the vapour/90s/softcore stuff. that stuff is fun but atm my heart is with grungey collages and late 2000s coding - i'm trying to lean into my own style a bit more. maybe i'll buy a graphics tablet and learn some stuff with that too. anyways thanks for dropping by, please bear with me bc this site is a WIP at the moment. if anyone wants to trade links or chat give me a shout x

site under construction, full credits (including images/resources) will be uploaded soon and are currently available upon request. all 'cepheus' content is accessible via right-hand
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