Guestbook Themes
Welcome to the guestbook themes section. All of the CSS themes here were made by me and can be used with HTML Comment Box, which is a free script that can be pasted straight onto your HTML page after signing up! It's what I use for my guestbook. Feel free to modify the CSS as much as you like! Credit is very much appreciated if you use a theme (if nothing else but to spread the word about them!). Most of these themes should render well on recent smartphones!

Please save and re-upload all images used in the themes to your own server!

Please note: editing the javascript can cause the guestbook to break, so I'd advise not to touch it unless you know what you're doing! In order for the CSS to work, you'll need to change the options when getting your guestbook code so that you get one without a style (otherwise it may override my codes and look rubbish!). If you have any questions, please do let me know!