You approach the computer and switch it on. A gentle hum accompanies a burst of neon light, reflecting off of a glass of soda you just poured. The screen is too bright at first - it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. You look to the window - the image of your screen stares back, masking the glow of the city night. You turn around to see a system interface atop a sparkling pink sky. Somehow, it exerts a strong force, pulling you in...


ID: cepheus
Age: 20s
Sign: Aries
Pronouns: he/him
Current hair colour: Brown

greetings and salutations. where to begin? I'm a politics grad who is obsessed with 2000s nostalgia and an amateur at best coder. This site is my home away from social media and a place for me to be creative despite being largely talentless.


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Social Media:

Neocities: [@cepheus]
Status Cafe: [@cepheus]
Writing, left wing politics, sim games, art history, 90s/00s nostalgia, street fashion, rock gigs, warehouse raves, honey chai, cooking, fried rice, aquariums, architecture, twin peaks, reading wikis at 3am, chunky trainers, oat milk lattes, amateur photography, citrus fruits, admin tasks (i'm boring ik but i love paperwork), space/astronomy, music reviews, introspection, ginger, fennel, patchouli incense, earl grey, lapsang souchong tea, cashew nuts, sad cartoons, pixel art, galleries, cities, riding trains, the berlin u-bahn.

I started this site on 08/01/20 and it's hosted by neocities for free! I really missed the days of building your own website compared to social media (which I've had a bit of an unhealty relationship with). Plus, coding things myself is a nice creative release.

Any graphics I've made were created using GNU Image Manipulation Program, Affinity Photo or Inkscape. You can view the majority of my site via mobile.

My website is named after Cepheus (pictured right), the constellation in the Northern Sky. It's named after a king of Ancient Ethiopia in Greek Mythology. You can read more about it here.

Over the years I've owned lots of blogs/websites, as well as animal crossing fansites when I was a pre-teen & a doctor who fansite a bit later on. I was first introduced to web building (and the 'design your profile' type of social media) through Piczo.com. After years of fun and thousands of accounts, I graduated from the animal crossing page community and made my first freewebs site. I'd played with HTML before but this was the first time I'd owned a html-only site. It was understandably awful and I was still a bit young to understand how to use paint shop pro well. Eventually I got the hang of CSS (now my favourite aspect of coding) and Photoshop and went on to own various hosted domains/subdomains (using wordpress and fanupdate etc). At 15 I got bored of owning a website (plus the community had died off and gone to social media like tumblr/twitter/livejournal) and closed my last domain.

Eventually, after owning a string of short-lived personal blogs during my student years, I discovered neocities. It took me a while to actually build something because all I saw were programmers and game-builders, or very geocities/angelfire esque sites. That's not to say I don't adore these sites and the people who make them - I do and often spend hours looking through them. However, eventually I started to see sites blending the geocities styles with the tumblr/wordpress blog styles of the late 00s/early 10s. This was my formative era so I had no choice but to make a site! Plus, I find building a site sans CMS is much more fun.

Thus, cepheus.neocities.org (now .xyz) was born (as pictured). What began as a distraction from writing my dissertation has become my longest-standing website and the creative project I am most proud of. Now 2 years (!) old, cepheus is filled with my writing, shrines, favourite links, digital artwork, favourite nostalgic graphics & my attempts at improving my coding. (I still haven't learned javascript though lol). I love visiting all of the different sites of neocities and am very happy that there's such a strong community. I hope it continues to grow.

(I am in the progress of updating this so apologies for any missing credits atm.)


Glitter Graphics - Various old-web graphics used around the site
Avatars in Pixels - Pixelated version of me!
Cinni - Pixels/blinkies
Pixel Soup - Various pixels/favicons used around my site
Obsidian Dawn - Brushes/Textures/Patterns for GIMP
Cadaver of Days - Various pixels
Cursors 4 U - Web cursors
YA Webdesign - Noodle pixel (used in diary entry 'floating market')
Yile - Background used in 'floating market'
Sapphire Kirby - 88x31 buttons & blinkies
Codeman38 - "Press Start 2P" font
Ben Nathan - "Assistant" font
Unnamed Artist - Fish pixel, ('writing' section)
Glitchy Xenon - Vapor boxes (portfolio)
King Lulu Deer - KKB pixel TV (site info)
Jasminnie - Various site pixels (whole site)
September - Neocities button (homepage)
Kouenli - Memphis pixel background (media page)
Kicked-In-Teeth - Clothesline pixel (profile)
Uomo - Picrew avatar (profile)
Alaskass - Plant pots pixel (profile)
Bunzorg - Terrarium pixel (credits page)
Rivermakes - Slime dividers (site info)
Paradise Heights 2 - Pixel header (profile)
Satsuyako - "CherryBomb" font (splash page)


Dannarchy - Mobile CSS Guide
W3 Schools - Various HTML/CSS tricks and tips
Mike Schultz - Animated gradient borders (css themes page)
Tee Diang - Neon sign text (css themes page)
RV's Free JS Effects - Block & rain effects
HTML Comment Box - Guestbook Script
Ian Lunn - Link Hover effects (profile)


Fabrizio Chiagano - Vending Machine (credits page)
Stick PNG - Plant .png (media page)


Neocities - Web Hosting & Code Editor
GIMP - Raster Graphics Editor
Zonelets - Script powering 'the vault'
Affinity Photo - Raster/Vector Graphics Editor


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Welcome to my online bedroom - aka the profile section of cepheus. This area is home to information about the site, the owner, a list of credits and various collected media. Take a seat, relax, grab some cherry cola. But be careful not to become lost in the mainframe... you never know what might be lurking.

cepheus soundtrack: Sirens (ft. Caroline Polachek) - Flume