wElCoMe To ThE mUsIc ZoNe

Here are some of my spotify playlists - check out the description!

Mostly choppy/weird electronic stuff, lots of cool vocals, industrial type stuff, full of PC music releases x

Lots of rap songs from various genres/eras!

Great for chilling out to, especially if you like chill electronic stuff x

your general house/bass/EDM stuff, great for getting ready for nights out or having a one man rave in your room (not that i do that. obviously)

Techno/tech house/ambient house/trance stuff! One of my personal favourites of mine, lots of cool 90s and 00s stuff as well as recent lo-fi stuff x

More chill stuff, generally r&b with the odd splash of trip-hop and smooth indie/dream pop. nice with colourful lights on and the windows open

gorgeously produced glittery and choppy pop! some better known artists/producers and some surprises thrown in the mix. always goood fun x

more chill than the first rap playlist, with much more american stuff than anything else.

drumb and bbass bboiiii

miscellaneous indie/alt rock! great for the gig lover inside x